New beginnings

Change, they say, is inevitable. Life is full of them, whether it’s a new school, new home, new job, new baby sibling. Change is gonna come around whether we like it or not. Some people take change pretty well whilst others, such as myself, take time to adjust. For someone who has experienced change so many times, I’m still no good with it.

I’ve been a new student three times and trust me when I say, it’s not easy trying to just slip into the system. It’s a bit easier when the people around you are willing to help you get used to a new environment, but then there’s the other scenario when those around you don’t seem to care about how you’re getting on. They’d rather let you figure it out on your own and stay in their little world, not even bothering to invite you into it. I have a friend whose scenario fits in well with this. She was one of those loud, people-persons who seemed to be everywhere and talked to everyone. She’s in a new school and she just told me that she’s the complete opposite now. Her new environment seemed to have dimmed her usual ubiquitous self because those around her don’t seem to care about whether she’s getting on well in the school or not. Maybe because it’s just her second day and maybe with time, things will change for her, but seriously, would it kill to show a little care and friendliness?

I tend to study people in my new environment first before I finalise my thoughts on them. I’ve learnt not to judge a book by its cover and that just coz someone seems to have a frown when you first meet them, doesn’t mean they’re generally mean. Although some people, you can tell from a first impression that what you’re seeing is really who they are. First impressions are kind of everything coz they determine how others see you, although they can be wrong sometimes.

I wish people would put themselves in someone else’s place for once; try to understand how they’re feeling. Honestly, change isn’t easy for anyone but it takes the right people with good hearts to make someone else’s ‘change’ a bearable one. What do you think?
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